von Krogh Jewelry

...a reflection of nature


I had a craving, an itch in my fingers, to make jewelry a long time before I became a goldsmith. Playing around and fiddling with buttons, pearls and stones, I really drifted away. But after some years, I no longer felt the same satisfaction making jewelry with already-made parts...I wanted to make the whole piece myself.


So in 2012 I had quit my job as a journalist and started my education as a goldsmith in Fredrikstad, one hour drive outside of Oslo, Norway.

For two years I fought myself through snow, blizzards, heavy rain or a shiny sun every early morning, long before a normal person would be awake, just to get there on time. And believe me, I`m not a morning person!


But it was all worth it, and now I`m proud to call myself a goldsmith and jewelry designer.


My inspiration comes from nature and the beautiful natural curves it has to offer.

From anything like the first swirly sprout of a flower, or the massive explosions of energy long way out in the universe, too far away for our eye to catch....or the structure of the universe itself.


If you like what you see here at 'von Krogh Jewelry', you are welcome to order by mail, or write me with any question. The pictures you find here, are mostly my own design, but also pieces I`ve made "on demand". So if you already have something in mind, but can not find it anywhere - I`ll figure out a way to make it for you!


Also keep in mind that all of these pieces, can be goldplated for just a few dollars more.


Best regards

Anita von Krogh